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Joining ICGC ARGO 

There are numerous ways you can get involved in ICGC ARGO.

The launch of ICGC ARGO presents an opportunity for countries around the world to combine their efforts to reduce the global burden of cancer, and for all sectors to contribute through shared knowledge. If you are considering getting involved with ICGC ARGO as a project, the sources of cohorts of patients that would constitute ICGC ARGO projects may include:

  • Biospecimens from participants enrolled in active clinical trials;
  • Analyses of banked samples from past clinical trials
  • Analyses of samples from clinically well-annotated cohorts that satisfy ICGC ARGO clinical data requirements
  • Longitudinal cohort studies
  • Autopsy studies with detailed clinical data
  • Population-based studies with detailed clinical and lifestyle data
  • Real World Data acquired through health systems.

Multiple mechanisms and categories of membership to provide opportunities to contribute to ICGC ARGO have been developed. 

You can read our Membership Guidelines for more information. 

Membership Guidelines

Please consult our Policies and Guidelines to read more about participating and sharing your data through ICGC ARGO. 

Policies and Guidelines

Ready to sign up? Please download our Expression of Interest Document and submit to our secretariat.

Expression of Interest

There are many other ways to get involved with ICGC ARGO
Do you have technical, computational or clinical expertise in a disease of interest and want to contribute as an individual?

We have a number of Working Groups you can get involved with. Contact our secretariat for more information on how to get involved.

Are you a past or current patient, or are caring for someone with cancer and want to know how you can get involved?

Please consult our Patient Engagement pages to learn more about the work ICGC ARGO is doing with patients and families, and how you can get involved.

Are you on the commercial or industry side and wish to discuss how to get involved?

You can read more about how we engage with industry. Please contact our secretariat for more information.