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Precision Panc

Lead Institution

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Program Description

Precision-Panc-:  Advancing personalised medicine treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer. 

Precision-Panc aims to establish a mechanism and framework to recruit and screen patients with pancreatic cancer to perform molecular profiling, evaluation of circulating biomarkers and to enable enrolment to clinical studies to accelerate therapeutic development for pancreatic cancer. The PRIMUS studies are a series of clinical trials with novel design to answer specific therapeutic questions with a selection biomarker. 

The Precision-Panc Platform is a way to accelerate stratified therapeutic development through a combination of pre-clinical work, clinical trials and discovery. As part of the platform there will be a suite of clinical trials – the aim is to have a trial for each indication of pancreatic cancer in the future. 

At present 3 trials are recruiting: 

  1. Precision-Panc Master Protocol:  Allows for the taking or release of diagnostic tissue from a patient’s tumour to allow for sequencing.  Patients are followed up on this protocol for basic survival information until death (currently recruiting).
  2. PRIMUS 001:  A randomised  phase II randomised study looking at FOLFOX-A versus AG in the first line metastatic setting (currently recruiting).
  3. PRIMUS 002:  A phase II study in patients with resectable or borderline resectable disease looking at FOLFOX-A and AG in the neo-adjuvant setting (currently recruiting). 
  4. PRIMUS 004:  PRIMUS 004 will be a platform trial of biomarker direction novel second line treatments in metastatic pancreatic cancer.  The first appendix of this trial will be looking at olaparib and AZD5153 (due to open Q3 2021).
  5. PRIMUS 005 (STAR-PAC2): A phase IIb randomised clinical trial repurposing ATRA as a stromal targeting agent in a novel drug combination for locally advanced pancreatic cancer (due to open Q3 2021).
  6. PRIMUS 006, a phase II trial of gemcitabine, pembrolizumab and IMM-101 as first line treatment in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer. This study is focusing on patients with a lower performance status and is due to open Q2 2020
  7. PRIMUS 007, a modular phase II, open-label, multicentre study to assess the preliminary efficacy and safety of RXC004 in patients with advanced solid tumours that have progressed following therapy with current standard of care. This study will target patients with a RNF43 mutation and is due to open Q3 2021
  8. PRIMUS 008, Pem-Ola: A phase II study combining pembrolizumab with Olaparib in metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma patients with high tumour mutational burden (due to open Q2 2022)
Program Goals and Expected Outcomes

Precision-Panc aims to make precision medicine a reality for people with pancreatic cancer by delivering the PRIMUS clinical trails through the NHS and gathering knowledge that will ultimately allow cancer specialists to match patients with the most suitable treatment for them.  The program will also speed up drug development, improving access to new drugs and survival in patients with pancreatic cancer.

What gaps in existing knowledge will be addressed by the study?

Precision-Panc will be the first pancreatic study to sequence tumour samples for all potential trial patients and to collect information on all patients sequenced.  It will bring together the sequencing and clinical data for over 2000 pancreatic patients at different stages in their disease. This is important as it will allow for serial biopsies of patients tumours allowing information on how cancers evolve over time to be studied.  

Program Team

David Chang

Lead Investigator
University of Glasgow



Institution, location

Andrew Biankin


University of Glasgow

Owen Samson

Pre-Clinical Lead

Beatson Institute

Juan Valle

Co-Chief Investigator

University of Manchester

Jeff Evans


PRIMUS 003 Lead

University of Glasgow

Fraser Duthie


University of Glasgow

Judith Dixon-Hughes 

Project Manager

University of Glasgow

Jamie Stobo


University of Glasgow

Christine Willshire


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Nicola Williams


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Jacqueline Gourlay


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Joanne McGarry

Sponsor representative

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Janet Graham

Chief Investigator


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Derek Grose

Co-Chief Investigator 


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Fieke Froeling

Co-Chief Investigator 


Imperial College London

Stephan Dryer

Co-Chief Investigator 

PRIMUS 004 (Appendix I)

University of Glasgow

Mairéad McNamara

Co-Chief Investigator 

PRIMUS 004 (Appendix I)

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Hemant Kocher

Chief Investigator 


Queen Mary University of London

Pippa Corrie

Chief Investigator 


Institution University of Cambridge

Debra Stuart

Sponsor Representative

University of Glasgow

Funding Organisations


London, UK 



Couvet, Switzerland


Astra Zeneca

London, UK 



London, UK 



London, UK 



Uxbridge, UK 



Macclesfield, UK 


National Institute for Health Research

United Kingdom 


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