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E.8 Data Access and Data Use Policies and Guidelines

E.8 Data Access and Data Use Policies and Guidelines

ICGC ARGO has security protocols and processes in place that ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of ICGC systems and services and the personal data we process within them.  These measures help ensure data are protected and used ethically and responsibly.  All users of ICGC data are required to observe the requirements set out in the policies below, including data providers, data users and data processors.  You can apply for access to Controlled Access data through the Data Access Compliance Office. More information on how to apply can be found here.

Data Access and Data Use Policies:

  1. E.8.1: Data Access Framework
  2. E.8.2: International Data Sharing
  3. E.8.3: Data Access Compliance Office Policies and Procedures and Terms of Reference
  4. E.8.4: Data Breach Policy
  5. E.8.5: ICGC Security Practices for Controlled Access Data
  6. E.8.6: Lay Summary Guide for Researchers: Tips on Writing a Lay Summary

Users of ICGC data must also observe the policies outlined in Section E.1 - Ethics and Informed Consent, E.3 - Publication Policy and E.4 Intellectual Property Policy.