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Multicenter Study to Profile and Monitor Cancer-related Genomic Alterations in Circulating Tumor DNA and Gut Microbiome in Advanced Solid Malignancies (SCRUM-Japan MONSTAR-SCREEN)
Multicenter Study on Biomarker Development Utilizing AI Multiomics for Patients with Advanced Solid Malignant Tumors (SCRUM-Japan MONSTAR-SCREEN-2)

Lead Institution

National Cancer Center Hospital East



Program Description

SCRUM-Japan is a nationwide cancer genome screening project to profile cancer-related genomic alterations in advanced solid tumors for the purpose of development of biomarker-guided therapies since 2015. 

MONSTAR-SCREEN is a monitoring study of cancer-related genomic alterations and gut microbiome in advanced solid tumors by circulating tumor DNA target panel sequencing and sequencing of 16S rRNA from gut microbiome since July 2019. Planned duration of follow up in this study is 3 years.

MONSTAR-SCREEN-2 will be launched in June 2021, and is a molecular profiling study of cancer-related molecular alterations in advanced solid tumors by tumor and circulating tumor with whole exome/transcriptome sequencing and tumor immunohistochemistry. Planned duration of follow-up in this study is 3 years.

Key eligibility criteria of MONSTAR-SCREEN/MONSTAR-SCREEN-2 are histologically confirmed advanced solid tumors, plan to receive or are receiving systemic chemotherapy for advanced disease, and willing to receive study treatment based on the results of molecular profiling. 

Program Goals and Expected Outcomes

These studies will identify the genomic abnormalities that are targeted by anti-cancer drugs. Based on the identified finding, patients can be treated with the specific drug or participate in a clinical trial. Profile of genomic abnormalities assessed in this study will also generate a rationale for new cancer treatment.

What gaps in existing knowledge will be addressed by the study?

AI-driven multi-omics analysis reveals what is actually happening in tissues & cells as well as tumor micro-environment, that is, more clarification of molecular blueprint. In addition, AI-driven multi-omics analysis identify candidate multidimensional biomarkers, leading to realizing the right drug at the right timing to the right patient.

Program Team

Takayuki Yoshino, M.D. PhD.

Lead Investigator



Institution, location

Yoshiaki Nakamura


National Cancer Center Hospital East (Japan)

Naoya Sakamoto


National Cancer Center Exploratory Oncology Research & Clinical Trial Center (Japan)

Takao Fujisawa


National Cancer Center Hospital East (Japan)

Takeshi Kuwata


National Cancer Center Hospital East (Japan)

Hiroya Taniguchi


National Cancer Center Hospital East (Japan)

Genichiro Ishii


National Cancer Center Hospital East (Japan)

Riu Yamashita


National Cancer Center (Japan)

Funding Organisations

SCRUM-Japan Funds

Kashiwa, Japan


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