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The Lancet Oncology Commission

The announcement of the latest Commission in the Lancet Oncology programme, to be lead by ICGC ARGO has been formally announced today marked by a publication in the Lancet Oncology journal today. Read the publication here. 

Through the programme of Commissions, The Lancet editors work with academic partners to identify the most pressing issues in science, medicine, and global health, with the aim of providing recommendations that change health policy, improve practice, and enhance cancer control. 

ICGC ARGO will be leading a commission with the focus on cancer genomics- advancing precision medicine in cancer care and research. This commission brings together international stakeholders across a range of priority issues of what is required in order to define a framework that will allow cancer genomic data to accumulate, be shared appropriately and utilised for the benefit of people affected by cancer.

Ambition and aims

Read the aims in more detail in the Lancet Oncology Article

The Lancet Oncology Commission will examine the challenges that impede progress in precision oncology, both from a research and implementation perspective, and will propose potential solutions to assist health systems worldwide deliver equitable, effective and sustainable molecular-based cancer care, to improve patient outcomes, reduce health disparities, accelerate research, and, in general, to enhance global cancer control. Several challenges of delivering precision oncology will be addressed, including: implementation, access, and sustainability; data collection and responsible data sharing; data protection and patient privacy; use of artificial intelligence in the management of big data and related ethical issues; patient/provider education; and the roles of health systems, payers, and regulators. 

Several sub-sections will be covering key aspects of cancer genomics and precision oncology. The Commission will work through two phases: 1) analysis; 2) recommendations.

This is a global and multi-stakeholder and transdisciplinary initiative. Partners initially involved include:

If you are part of an international organization working within precision oncology and are interested in getting involved please contact us here.