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Pathology Working Group

Key Objectives: 

The Pathology Working Group will capture the pathology related to the genomic data of ARGO patients. In addition to comprehensive genomic and clinical data sets, many ARGO programs will routinely capture digital pathology images of each participant sample acquired as part of the study. Both imaging and genomic data are extremely high-dimensional; molecular profiling data generate deep characterizations of the genetic, transcriptional, and proteomic events in tumours, while pathology images capture the tumour histology, growth pattern, and interactions with the surrounding microenvironment. Using this wealth of data collectively would provide a platform to explore the relationship between patient genomic profiles and pathological and morphological phenotypes, which is essential for understanding the biological mechanisms underpinning cancer development and for exploring how cancers change over time and with treatment. In more common cancers, such as breast and lung, this area is well-developed, but in less common cancers there is no classification or taxonomy after treatment, which is a very important area.  There is an opportunity within ARGO using the molecular data to find themes and explore insights that may be missed if we do not collate the pathology at a detailed level.

Working Group Leader(s) Name Institution and contact:

Mark Rubin, MD

Director DBMR, University of Bern, Switzerland

Mark Rubin is a physician-scientist with board training in surgical pathology and expertise in molecular and genitourinary pathology with a focus on prostate cancer.

Over the past 8 years, he has been dedicated to the development of Precision Medicine approaches to advanced cancer care. In 2013, Mark Rubin founded the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine (PM) at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. The program established a clinical protocol for patients with advanced cancer who failed standard of care therapy. In 2017, Mark Rubin moved full time to the University of Bern to found the Bern Center for Precision Medicine for the Canton of Bern. This activity has required also establishing a node for the pan-Swiss national PM effort. He has taken the lead for organizing the cancer genomics effort for this National program and chair the Federated Genomics Committee responsible for the development of recommendations to the Swiss Government for future scientific investments in genomics research.

Working Group Contact: 

Email - secretariat@icgc-argo.org

Current Membership List:




Mark Rubin

University of Bern


Amber Johns

Garvan Institute of Medical Research


Aldo Scarpa

University of Verona, Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research


Ian Cree

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)


David Chang

University of Glasgow

United Kingdom

Stephen Yip

Vancouver General Hospital, BC Cancer Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre


Wei Soong

Englander Institute- Weill Cornell Medicine


David Schaeffer

Vancouver Coastal Health


Claudio Luchini

Verona University and Hospital Trust


Xinjuan Fan

The Sixth Affiliated Hostpital of Sun Yat-sen University


Zhongwu Li

Peking University Cancer Hospital


Maria O’Donovan

Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust

United Kingdom

Laurence de Leval

Institut Universitaire de Pathologie, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois


Kai Duan

University Health Network


Yoon-La Choi

Samsung Medical Center

South Korea

Jeong Mo Bae

Seoul National University Hospital

South Korea

Aurel Perren

University of Bern


Elena Provenzano

Addenbrookes Hospital

United Kingdom

Chantal Pauli

University and University Hospital Zurich