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Clinical and Metadata Working Group

Key Objectives: 

The Clinical and Metadata Working Group is an evolution of the ICGC Tissue and Clinical Annotation Working Group. The Clinical and Metadata Working Group will oversee the implementation of the ICGC ARGO Clinical Data model, including data submission, data processing and data quality. The working group will strategically develop sub-working groups to focus explicitly on areas of clinical importance such as: 

  • Structure and design of clinical trials and non-trial cohorts 
  • Cohort Metrics and Genomic Study Prerequisites
  • Germline implications
Working Group Leader(s) Name Institution and contact:

Takayuki Yoshino

National Cancer Center Hospital East, Kashiwa, Japan

Takayuki Yoshino, M.D. PhD. currently works at the National Cancer Center Hospital East (NCCE) in Kashiwa, Japan, where he is the Director for the Department of Gastroenterology and Gastrointestinal Oncology, the Head of the Clinical Research Coordinating Division, and the Head of the Translational Research Division. He has a particular interest in chemotherapy for gastrointestinal cancers, especially for colorectal cancer (CRC), where he focuses on various investigational new agent and translational research. 

Dr. Yoshino has had over 200 peer‐review scholar journal publications on metastatic CRC (mCRC), with several articles published in the Lancet Journals, Journal of Clinical Oncology, the New England Journal of Medicine and Nature Medicine. In addition, he holds several professional appointments, serving on a Guidelines Steering Committee member of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), a chair of Pan‐Asian adapted ESMO Guideline for CRC, an advisory committee member of American Society (ASCO) Breakthrough, Editorial Board of ESMO/ASCO Global Curriculum and the administrative board & a vice chair of international affairs committee of both Japanese Society of Medical Oncology (JSMO) and Japan Society of Clinical Oncology (JSCO). Dr. Yoshino is also a Co‐principal investigator of the SCRUM‐Japan GI‐/MONSTAR‐SCREEN, the Nationwide Cancer Genome Screening Project, a project program director of the CIRCULATE‐Japan, the President of 22nd Century Cutting‐Edge Medical Information Technology Organization (22CEMIT), and is a leader of the SCRUM‐Japan GI‐/MONSTAR‐ SCREEN (advanced solid tumor) project of ICGC‐ARGO.

Working Group Contact: 

Amber Johns

Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia 

Email - amber@icgc-argo.org

Current Membership List:




Takayuki Yoshino

National Cancer Center Hospital East


Amber Johns

Garvan Institute of Medical Research


Hardeep Nahal-Bose

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research


Rafaella Casolino

University of Glasgow

United Kingdom

Lincoln Stein

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research


Olivier Michelin

Lausanne University Hospital


Keunchil Park

UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center