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Media and Resources

Media and Resources

Media and Resources

Please find a range of  ICGC ARGO Resources for Download and use in program related activities. Please reference our website www.icgc-argo.org when using these resources. 

  1. LogoThis is the primary logo for use. Please do not distort or alter the image in any way. 
  2. ICGC ARGO World Program Map: The World Map shows the current global structure and type of ICGC ARGO programs.
  3. ICGC ARGO Scientific Brochure: One page visual introductory summary brochure suitable for a scientific audience. 
  4. Executive Summary: Summary of strategic vision and mission of ICGC ARGO, suitable for use in academic proposals and documentation. Not suitable for a general audience. 
  5. Introductory Slides These are standard ICGC slides available for scientific use in presentations.  
  6. Patient Brochure: Community friendly information describing genomics and precision oncology. 
Media Inquiries 

Journalists and media seeking more information, or wanting to arrange an interview with an ICGC ARGO spokesperson can speak with a representative. 

The contact details on this page are intended for journalists and media contacts only. For general contact details, enquiries or feedback see above FAQ section, or please use the contact form below. 

For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact the following:

Carol Nicol, ICGC ARGO Secretariat


For all Europe or United Kingdom inquiries 

Amber Johns, Project Developer


For all North America, Asia and Pacific inquiries