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Swiss Oncology and Cancer Immunology Breakthrough Platform and Swiss Personalized Oncology Program

Lead Institution

University of Bern



Program Description

SOCIBP is currently funded by the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and the Personalized Health and Related Technologies (PHRT), a strategic effort supported by the ETH domain.  We are supported by the 5 University hospitals across Switzerland with the goal of creating a breakthrough genomics platform to manage and share research data across Switzerland to help our clinicians and scientists untangle the complexity of therapy-related resistance. We have a focus on melanoma, breast, lung and prostate cancer. The program will produce clinical and research reports from all 5 university hospitals in Switzerland to create uniform reports and importantly test and validate system performance for uniformity.  We also have extended collaborations with the SAKK to expand efforts to 15 non-university Canton hospitals across Switzerland.

Program Goals and Expected Outcomes

Our project will help determine that type of genomic testing needed to help improve oncology care in Switzerland.  We hope to develop tests for doctor across Switzerland to help determine the optimal course of clinical care for each patient based on their specific clinical setting and the molecular features of their tumour.  We anticipate that findings from this study will guide the development of future therapy development.

What gaps in existing knowledge will be addressed by the study?

As we have learned from early precision oncology studies, there are many molecular alterations that are so infrequent that no individual centre can gain enough experience to interpret how the treat patients with these alterations.  We believe that by joining this international consortia, we can start to address responsive to therapy and gaps in knowledge on even the rarest mutations.  By linking the results to clinical outcomes, we may also be able to help nominate the next generation of therapies.

Program Team

Mark Rubin, MD

Lead Investigator



Institution, location

Gunnar Rätsch, PhD

Computational Informatics

ETH-Zürich (CH)

George Coukos, MD, PhD

Clinical/Translational Research

University of Lausanne (CH)

Olivier Michielin, MD, PhD

Clinical/Translational Research

Clinical/Translational Research

Bentires-Alj Mohamed, PhD

Translational and Basic Research

University of Basel (CH)

Holger Moch, MD, PhD


University of Zürich (CH)

Kiu Yan Charlotte Ng, PhD

Cancer Computational Biology

University of Bern (CH)

Salvatore Piscuoglio, PhD

Cancer Computational Biology and Platforms

University of Basel (CH)

Senija Selimovic-Hamza, PhD

Administrative Lead

University of Bern (CH)

Jessica Schulz, PhD

Clinical Project Manager


Mitch Levesque, PhD

Translational Research and Platforms

University of Zürich (CH)

Funding Organisations

Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN)

Bern, Switzerland


Personalized Health and Related Technologies (PHRT)

Zürich, Switzerland


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