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ICGC ARGO Committees

Structure of ICGC ARGO

The ICGC is a confederation of members that share the common goals and principles described in the policies and guidelines document and have agreed to work in a coordinated and collaborative manner within a defined structure. The ICGC ARGO structure was refined and formalised early 2020 to reflect the next phase of the ICGC. You can read more about the structure in our Policies and Guidelines.

ICGC ARGO Committees provide a range of functions, including strategic oversight, operational management and independent guidance. Select a committee to learn more about them and their specific activities and procedures:

Executive Board (EB)

The Executive Board is the oversight and advocacy body with responsibility for upholding the goals and mission of ICGC ARGO.

Interim Chair: Eun Sook Lee

National Cancer Institute, South Korea

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Independent Advisory Committee (IAC)

The Independent Advisory Committee (IAC) provides independent advice to ICGC ARGO on issues of a scientific or clinical nature, including those related to samples, ethics, data access and compliance, quality standards or evolving technologies.

Chair: Denis Horgan

European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM), Belgium 


Management Committee (MC)

The Management Committee is responsible for carrying out the operations of ICGC ARGO. It is led by the ICGC ARGO Executive Director, situated at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. 

Chair: Andrew Biankin

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom 

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