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2022 DACO Annual Report

The ICGC DACO has been created as a body to ensure that data from the ICGC will only be used by qualified individuals for public health objectives. The DACO is responsible for the processing of applications to access data from ICGC projects, and authorises access to controlled data based on compliance with ICGC Policies and Guidelines.

Our principles are of transparency and responsibility surrounding data, and we take pride in making the activities of the DACO available to the public for review each year. We hope this provides more insight into the work of data access committees and highlights the importance of ongoing access to data to enable important healthcare research.  

Some highlights from 2022 are: 

  • 2022 was a huge year for the office with a transition in governance and legal oversight and a revised data access agreement implemented

  • We developed and launched a new and improved application system, which is more user friendly and intuitive

  • Under the new DAA researchers now get 2 years access to data 

  • ICGC data users now span 37 different countries

  • There were 441 applications processed by the DACO in 2022, slightly less than the previous year which was anticipated with the COVID-19 disruptions

Download the full report here. You can also apply for data through our DACO portal here

04 May 2023
Category: News