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Lancet Oncology Snapshot series

ICGC ARGO is a project demonstrating precision oncology in the real world. Our 26 programs across 13 countries are tackling the most pressing questions in cancer today. To highlight this work we have secured a regular feature in the prestigious journal Lancet Oncology. Lancet Oncology has a perspectives section which includes “Snapshots”. Snapshots describe challenging, precision medicine-informed cases discussed by clinical teams in tumour boards and multidisciplinary team meetings. ICGC ARGO has secured a regular feature in the snapshot series to highlight the work of ICGC ARGO members.

Our first Snapshot article: Familial Matters in Pancreatic Cancer was published in the first issue for 2022. This is the work of our Profiling Orphan Neoplasms for Treatment Election (PONT. E) program from Verona Italy. The PONTE program will interrogate the genetics of whats known as orphan tumours; rare cancers, rare tissue subtypes of common cancers and cancers that currently have no defined molecular diagnosis paths. 

You can read the full article here.

Stay tuned for more precision medicine case reports from ICGC ARGO in the next issue! 

27 January 2022
Category: News