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Data Release 2.0 October 2020

Together with our partners at the ICGC ARGO Data Coordination Centre, we are excited to announce Data Release 2.0 on the ICGC ARGO Data Platform. Data Release 2.0 includes the first release of whole exome sequencing (WXS) data from papillary thyroid cancer (PTC-SA) and the first release of whole genome sequencing (WGS) data from lung cancer (LUKA-KR). You can read more about the Korean Lung Cancer program through our ICGC Impact Makers series. While clinical data will soon be submitted by the programs, a selection of their molecular data has been reprocessed against the latest GRCh38 Human Reference Genome using the ARGO DNA Seq Pipeline.

This release includes:

  • PACA-CA: PACA-CA: 52 new donors with WGS data totalling 133 donors with WGS reads and 121 donors with variant calls
  • PACA-CA: 12 new donors with aligned WXS reads
  • LUCA-KR: 29 donors with aligned WGS reads, and 29 donors with variant calls.
  • PTC-SA: 142 donors with aligned WXS reads, and 140 donors with variant calls.

Along with the data sets above, ARGO Data Dictionary 1.2, Data Release 2.0 and Software Release 1.78.0/3.10.0 are also now available. See more on our Documentation site

27 October 2020
Category: News