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Data Release 1.0 June 2020

Together with our partners at the ICGC ARGO Data Coordination Centre, we are excited to announce the launch of the ICGC ARGO Data Platform, a major milestone in the ICGC ARGO project. The new Data Platform for ICGC ARGO data follows on from the legacy of the ICGC 25K Data Portal, which is no longer accepting new data.

The launch of the Data Platform also represents our first data release, which includes whole genome sequencing (WGS) data from pancreatic cancer (PACA-CA) and esophageal cancer (OCCAMS-GB). Both programs were members of the original ICGC-25K project. While clinical data will soon be submitted by the programs, a selection of their molecular data has been reprocessed against the latest GRCh38 Human Reference Genome using the ARGO DNA Seq Pipeline. The resulting somatic mutation calls include single nucleotide variations (SNVs), insertion-deletion (indels), copy number variations (CNVs) and structural variations (SVs). This release includes:

  • PACA-CA: 81 donors with aligned WGS reads, and 62 donors with variant calls.

  • OCCAMS-GB: 96 donors with aligned WGS reads, and 95 donors with variant calls.

Further information regarding the launch of the Data Platform: 

The launch of the Data Platform and details of the first data release was detailed at our recent Virtual Preview Meeting held last week. A summary of the highlights is to come so keep a watch on our news section!

30 June 2020
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