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ICGC-ARGO Committees

Structure of ICGC-ARGO 

The ICGC is a confederation of members that share the common goals and principles described in the policies and guidelines document and have agreed to work in a coordinated and collaborative manner within a defined structure. ICGC ARGO structure and membership lists were refined and formalised early 2020. 


Executive Board

The Executive Board is the oversight and advocacy body with responsibility for upholding the goals and mission of ICGC ARGO. The Executive Board oversees the progress of ICGC ARGO and suggests actions to be taken to help ensure that ICGC ARGO follows its mission as outlined in this policy document, while allowing enough flexibility to adapt to the evolving landscape of research, clinical practice, technology advancements and patient engagement. The Board Chair is responsible for managing the board activities and liaising with the Management Committee. 

Independent Advisory Committee

The Independent Advisory Committee (IAC) provides independent advice to ICGC ARGO on issues of a scientific or clinical nature, including those related to samples, consent, ethics, quality standards, evolving technologies. The IAC responds to requests from the Management Committee or the Executive Board to review and comment on reports on policies and processes. It can also request that the Management Team research specific issues that the IAC feel could have an impact on ICGC ARGO (e.g., potential changes in legislation or new technologies.)

Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for carrying out the operations of ICGC ARGO. It is led by the ICGC ARGO Executive Director, situated at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Membership includes Individuals with expertise and capacity in secretariat responsibilities, project development, technology development and business development, who are strategically located in global regions where ICGC ARGO projects are concentrated.

Management Committee Membership: 

Andrew Biankin, United Kingdom

Amber Johns, Australia 

Jan Korbel, Germany

Rita Lawlor, Italy

Keunchil Park, Korea

Lincoln Stein, Canada 

Carol Nicol, United Kingdom

You can read more about our structure and governance in our; 

Policies and Guidelines